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caroline r. (Texas, United States)
JUST what I wanted!!

The long sleeved gown is perfect for my needs. I've already washed one and it launders up beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emmylou (Texas, United States)
Not as soft fabric as previous nightgowns

I have a collection of La cera cotton nightgowns and love the details and comfort. This last purchase seems to be a different cotton. I am hoping it will soften up with more washings.

Anita G. (Florida, United States)
100% cotton nightgown

It is hard to find 100% cotton clothes and sleepwear. This nightgown is very comfortable but a bit more see through than I prefer. The only problem is after the first washing 1 of the buttons fell off so I have to reset it.

wendelin (North Carolina, United States)
another wonderful gown

I had purchased a gown at the Roundtop spring show. It is showing wear after many years of use. I used the label to find the maker of the gown. So, I pulled up the online site for La Cera. Although I could not find an exact match(I was so disappointed), I did find many designs to pick from. I am VERY happy with my choice, as it is as well made as my first. It is the special touch of the pockets that I especially love. My mother said of it, "only a women would design with that feature included!" My sentiments exactly. Will purchase more as I need more.

Carol B. (California, United States)
Thank you

Wonderful to find a long 100% cotton gown with long sleeves -- no collar -- white -- simple -- at long last!